About the company

Year of foundation1991
Company partnersPetr Parýzek, President
Ing. Zdeněk Hajný - Head of the Design Office
Ing.Vladimír Polanský CSc - Head of the Statics Department
Pavel Vochozka - Head of Planography and Milking Technology
Company's activities divided according to individual fields
- Design and engineering
- Statics and dynamics of buildings
- Planography
- Milking technology
Number of employees16
Quality AssuranceISO 9001: 2000

Aspera Č.Budějovice, rekonstrukce a novostavby výrobních a skladových hal,

Bytový dům, Č. Budějovice, novostavba, 2011

Atriové domy, Č.Budějovice, novostavba, 2009

Nemocnice České Budějovice, Dětský pavilon, novostavba,
2009 - 2010

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